@bartaz and ChallengePost invite designers and developers to reinvent the presentation using impress.js. impress.js is an open source presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind prezi.com. Check out the official demo and more examples on the wiki page!

Create a browser-based presentation using impress.js that conveys content in a compelling way (≤20 slides). Choose a topic you’re already thinking about, or find a presentation or speech online and reinvent it with impress.js (check out TED, slideshare, history.com speeches, or any other resource you like).

Use existing impress.js features and add or extend features to create a browser-based presentation. Examples of potential new features include:

  • new ways of navigating the presentation;
  • sub-steps (showing hidden content without changing the slide);
  • adding or moving steps during the presentation;
  • new configuration options;
  • new events; or
  • anything else you can think of!


  • Participants: Individuals at least the age of majority where they reside at time of entry; Teams of eligible individuals
  • Countries: Global, except where prohibited by U.S. or local law


  1. a browser based presentation using impress.js (≤20 slides);
  2. one or more screenshots of your presentation (for the gallery); and
  3. pull requests on the impress.js GitHub page (optional)

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$1,200 in prizes

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iPad mini 16 GB
(Estimated retail value plus shipping and tax: $400)

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iPad mini 16 GB
(Estimated retail value plus shipping and tax: $400)

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How to enter

  1. Click “Register” to sign up.
  2. Visit the impress.js GitHub repo to access examples and resources.
  3. Create a browser presentation (≤20 slides). Pick a topic or find a presentation or speech online and reinvent it using impress.js. Use existing impress.js features and, if you want, add or extend features.
  4. Contribute pull requests. You are encouraged, but not required, to add to the project on GitHub.
  5. Submit your presentation by providing: 1) a URL where your presentation can be viewed; 2) screenshots of your presentation (for the site gallery); 3) link(s) to an existing presentation or speech which inspired you (optional); and 4) link(s) to any pull requests entered on the impress.js GitHub page.


Sera Koo

Sera Koo
Senior Interaction Designer, IDEO

Bartek Szopka

Bartek Szopka
Project Owner, impress.js

Javier de la Torre

Javier de la Torre
CEO and founder, Vizzuality

Judging Criteria

  • Creative use of impress.js
    Includes creative use of existing impress.js features or API
  • Presentation design
    Includes visual appeal using transitions and transforms, correspondence of the presentation and slides to the content, and content hierarchy and density
  • Potential contribution
    Includes potential contribution to the impress.js project by adding or extending features

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